17th and 18th Century

Trade Goods


These Ship in Approx 6 Weeks.

Hand Sewn Leather Covered Glass Water Bottle with Leather Strap and Brass Buckle

$ 60.00 USD

A very common way to cary water and beverages for militia and civilians.

Our new design hand sewn leather covered water bottle comes with a oil tanned leather strap and brass buckle.

These hold are 750 ml of your favorite tasty beverage. You will not only be both historically accurate but just think, your water will never taste like tin!!!


Hand Sewn Hemp Strap Tumpline

$ 15.00 USD

A simple and efficient item that is necessary for any backcountry traveler. Carry your blanket or entire bedroll and added camp items with one of our tumplines. These items are hand sewn using two inch hemp strap and use 4mm hemp rope as ties to secure your load to the strap.

Good for trail or carrying items to an event or living history event, you will quickly find that this is one of the most versitile and important items in your histroical kit.