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 Our Heavy Hand Knit Wool Stockings are back in stock.

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Wool Stockings; Hand Knit Wool Stockings; 18th Century Reenactor Wool Stockings; 17th Century Reenactor Wool; Stockings; Colonial Wool Stocking; Colonial Hand Knit Wool Stockings

!!!New Color Monmouth Caps!!!

                                  18th Century Wool Hats; Hand Knit Hats; Hand Knit Monmouth Hats; Wool Monmouth Hats; 18th Century Reenactor Hats; 17th Century Reenactor Hats;

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  !!! New - Delp Wool Products - New!!!

                                 Delp Wool Stockings

Click HERE to visit our new page that features two weight wool stocking and ladies long wool finger less mittens.

 -Silk Cravats-

These are available in white and black silk.

To order our Silk Cravats visit our