Ruffle Linen Shirts


These Ship In 6 Weeks

If you need these shirtsfor a specific date please e-mail us to confirm your shipment date before placing your order.

These are made with  pre-washed 3.5 oz - 100% white linen

They are available in 4 sizes:


Men's Shirt Size Chart

These are also available in 2 style: French or English.

The French shirts have a 3" tall collar with 2 buttons on the collar, and a heart reinforcement at the bottom of the neck opening; the back body  piece is 4" longer.

The English shirts have a 4" tall collar with 1 button at the bottom of the collar. The front and back body pieces are the same length.

Please use the catalog below to order.

Ruffle French Shirt - White - X Large

$ 105.00 USD


Ruffle French Shirt - White - Large

$ 105.00 USD


Ruffle French Shirt - White- Medium

$ 105.00 USD


Ruffle French Shirt - White - Small

$ 105.00 USD


Ruffle English Shirt - White - X-Large

$ 105.00 USD


Ruffle English Shirt -White - Large

$ 105.00 USD


Ruffle English Shirt -White - Medium

$ 105.00 USD


Ruffle English Shirt -White - Small

$ 105.00 USD