17th Century Men's Breeches and Sailor Slops

Shipment and Ordering Info

Our 17th Century Breeches and Sailor Slops are made to order and will ship in approx. 8 weeks.

We make our breeches with heavy linen or wool fabric, and are finished with 5/8" pewter buttons.

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To order your 17th Century Breeches or Sailor Slops, please use the catalog below , then e-mail: 


with your measurements and fabric choice.

17th Century Heavy Linen Breeches

$ 115.00 USD


17th Century Wool Breeches

$ 130.00 USD


Heavy Linen Sailor's Slops

$ 115.00 USD


Wool Sailor Slops

No Image Available

$ 130.00 USD